ssshoot! photography
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ssshoot! photography is a showcase for the work of freelance photographer, Steve Shelley.

Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, ssshoot! photography captures high quality images throughout the UK and Internationally.

Having been involved in drag racing, hot rodding and VW’s for over thirty-five years you’ll find many of Steve’s images dedicated to the culture, cruises and cars that make up the Hot Rod and VW scene both in the UK and USA.

Steve is proud to have been selected as a contributing photographer for Spacesuit Media - a UK head-quartered photographic collective with a reputation for powerful photography and a go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. Showcasing only the best imagery to a worldwide network of customers, Spacesuit Media is an ever-evolving visual resource representing imaginative, emerging and established talent.

Alongside his automotive work, an inquisitive nature and a penchant for exploring has led Steve’s photography naturally towards Urban Exploration imagery. With a couple of visits to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone under his belt watch out for more of this often-dark genre.

There are many elements of capturing an image that enthral the serious photographer; exposure, focus, composition, to name just a few. But ssshoot! photography actively promotes an often-overlooked element – the social aspect! Laugh, joke, fool around – enjoy the experience – for you never know when it may end.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of my lovely wife, Geraldine, who, without question, allows me to waste money on gadgets I don't really need and waste time doing things I don't really need to do......

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Thanks for taking the time to come this far - your interest really is most appreciated.